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G503 WWII 1945 Ford GPW Standard Equipment

This list is a work in process.... but gives you a look at components found on the 1945 Ford GPW Army Military Jeep.
Mouse over the Item name and if there is an image present it will be displayed.
(with permission from Darryl Deppe, who started this mapping)

1945 Ford GPW mapping of components through the year.

25"Ford" Script Tail Panel
63Air Cleaner - Pancake Style
149Air Cleaner - standard
121CrossOver Tube w/out oil line
65Distributor-Autolite no dust cover
116Distributor-Autolite with dust cover
54Door Arch Gusset
81Engine Vent Tube - 11in (long)
92Engine Vent Tube - 8in (short)
129External Drum brake
104Fastners for Decontamination unit
34Firewall Gussets - Rounded
126First Aide Kit
26Flat Glovebox Floor
33Ford Style Floor Hat Chanels
27Ford Style Rear Floor Rests
75Fuel Strainer on Firewall
97Fuel Tank - Large Mouth
95Fuel Tank - Small Mouth
46Fuel Tank Sump - Rounded
73Glove Box Seal - rubber
111Hood - Air Deflector
113Hood Blocks - Rubber
115Hood Blocks - Wood/Fabric insert
48Jerry Can Stiffner
67Main Switch - Push Pull
69Main Switch - Rotary Switch
88Muffler - Oval Deep Mud
93Muffler Oval passenger side
86Muffler Round (Early)
45Pressed Steel Grill
77Radiator - F Script
118Radiator - Willys Style (optional)
84Radiator Hose To Block - Plastic
102Radio Terminal Box
50Rear Panel Reinforcing Gussets
106Rear Seat Bracket for Tire Pump
30Rear Seat Ford Style Bracket
61Regulator 6v Autolite
35Reinforcing Rib To Rear of Toolbox Lid
49Reinforcing Ribs on Glovebox Floor
32Reinforcing Ribs on Wheelhouses
125Spare Tire Holder - 2 stud w/lower support
124Spare Tire Holder - 3 stud w/key lock
147Spark Plug Insulator Caps
143Springs 10 leaf front
145Springs 11 leaf rear
139Springs 8 leaf front
141Springs 9 leaf rear
108Steering - 3 metal spoke
57Steering Wheel Sheller Black Rubber
71Tail Light Grommets
53Taillight Mount - Horizontal
31Taillight Mount - Vertical
28Tool Box Lid - Ribbed
56Tool Box Lock - Round indent
29Tool box Rectangular Lock indent
99Torque Reaction Spring
47Trailer Plug Receptical hole
51Willys Style Floor Hat Channels
55Willys Style Rear Seat Bracket
52Willys Style Square Firewall Gussets
59Windshield -no rifle brackets
90Windshield -with rifle brackets
79Windshield dash Clamps - Brass
136Windshield Individual Hand Wipers
137Windshield Tandem Wipers
131Windshield Vacuum Wipers

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