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G503 WWII Jeep 1945 Ford GPW Jeep History

The G503 WWII Jeep 1945 Ford GPW has an important place in history. Here some interesting notes about the Jeep history for this time period.

This article applies to Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Ford Contracts
Ford had 5 contracts with the Government to build the Willys design jeep. They were as follows: (summarized from Nabholtz information)


Contract #Serial #Date of DeliveryHow Many?(Approx)
F-11-15000Feb 42-Apr 4215,000
F-215001-78146Apr 42-Nov 4263,147
F-378147-101304Nov 42-Mar 4323,158
F-4101305-179758Mar 43-Jan 4478,454
F-4 Ext 1179759-226205Jan 44-Oct 4446,447
F-4 Ext 2225206-252741Oct 44-Feb 4526,536
F-5252742-277878Feb 45-July 4525,136

3. A Ford Jeep produced in 1945 could be under one of two contracts:
Contract F-4 or F-5
Serial numbers: 243419-277891

4. F-5 Contract distinct Features (see for the F-4 contract)
Body:ACM II type hole in left cowl for vacuum wipers
Springs: 10 leaf front, 11 leaf Rear
Firewall: no provision for fuel strainer
Parking brake large drum
Windshield: Vacuum wipers
Exhaust: Deep Mud
Suppression: Type II
Hood: Lube Chart Holder, Grease Gun Holder (Alemite 6593 grease gun)

5. Seats: No zippers and springs in cushions
Shock absorber: Original not rebuildable
Rear Panel: hand crank mounted
Rear Seat: Tire Pump installed US-ORD or QMC

F-5 Contract Production by Month

MonthSerial NumberHow Many?
Jan 45243419-2494596130
Feb 45249460-2527413281
Mar 45254876-2608115935
Apr 45260812-2660135201
May 45266014-2703084294
Jun 45270309-2743774068
Jul 45274378-2778913513

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