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G503 WWII 1945 Ford GPW Type II Filter Suppression Capacitors

This article describes the Electrical Type II Filter Suppression Capacitor researched by Mark Tombleson.

This article applies to Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. The Type II Suppression that Nabholtz shows as starting Dec 43 MB serial # 289001, but Ford did not start till Oct 44, and unclear as to which plant started. Here is a list of filters that you need for the Type II Suppression.
FM GPW 18938-B filter, .25 MFD., mounted to voltage regulator, mounts to the screw closest to the front of the jeep and attaches to the battery terminal of the regulator.
FM GPW 18937-B filter unit, .01 MFD is closest to the dash.

2. FM GPA 18841 filter, .5 MFD., mounted on starter motor switch on the hot terminal side.

4. FM GPW 18937 filter, 0.01 MFD., mounted to ignition switch on the hot terminal side.

5. FM GPW 18935-B filter, 0.1 MFD., mounted on coil stud… is the stud attaching the coil bracket to the block, using the stud closest to the rear of the

6. FM GPW 18935-A filter unit, .1 MFD, generator ground to armature circuit mounts on the screw for the generator ground and attaches to the armature terminal of the generator.

7. FM GPA 18841 filter unit, .5 MFD, for the radio terminal box found under the passengers seat (box bolts into 4 holes in side panel).

This information is found in SNL-G503 (feb 1945) group 26 in manual

8. NOT suppression II
This bond strap is shown in the SNL Feb 1945, but is actually suppression I system. .......Bond Strap, this is tack welded to exhaust pipe and attached to frame.

9. FM-GPW-18874Bond Strap, this is attached from bottom of fuel pump to frame. Note: the other strap connected there to frame is the previous exhaust pipe strap.

10. FM-GPW-18873 Bond Strap, this strap is attached to bottom of coil

11. FM-GPW-18858 Bond Strap, this strap is attached from back bolt on the engine head and connected to back firewall on the same stud as the next item

12. FM-GPW-18849 Bond Strap, this strap will connect with the one above, and with connect the speedometer cable and temperature gauge cables held on by clips and connected to the tub firewall.

13. FM-GPW-14480-B Cable, this is the cable that goes into the Radio Terminal box which is located under the passenger seat.

14. FM-GPW-14303 Bond Strap, this strap is located on the passenger side from engine mount base and connects to the engine block mount

15. FM-GPW-18853 Bond Strap, NOTE: this strap is only if you have a Fuel Strainer on the firewall (Passenger side)

16. FM-GPW-18850 Bond Strap, this strap is driver side and connects to the firewall. It will have clips to connect the choke/throttle cables, and the oil gauge line

17. FM-GPW-18857 Bond Strap, this strap is connected to the generator base to the starter base

18. FM-GPW-18876 Bond Strap, this strap is located inside the Radio Terminal box which is under the passenger seat.

19. FM-GPW-14513 Bond Strap, this elusive cable is found under the tub and connects to the radio terminal box.

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